Vision and Mission


Building a home and elevating it with style is the vision of the Sameera Real-tors. Our focus is to build homes in urban setting with the latest technology applied to all factions of construction. Well laid out functional spaces with an array of amenities to avail from and grow.

  • Customer satisfaction by providing their dwelling needs
  • Generate value by inducing a network of clients, partners and associates
  • A social responsibility to provide sustainability in construction
  • To grow and be a premier nationally recognised Real Estate Icon
  • To sell an extent of 50,00,000 sqft of high end plotted development
  • To provide 5000 Sqft of living space with sophisticated environment to customers
  • Further to sell 25,00,000 Sqft of high-quality affordable home, luxury apartment, duplex villas and row houses

Our mission is our commitment to Customer satisfaction. Teamwork, quality and excellence in every stage of our growth along with our investors.

  • To continue to integrate our expertise in varied fields and elevate the dwelling needs of the Customer
  • To encourage and educate on the advantages of sustainable living
  • To create value for the Customer
  • To mark a National presence
  • To grow in size with 500 families as members of Sameera Group